Fun Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy While You Are At Work

Fun Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy While You Are At Work

How to keep your dog happy

So you are off to work...and have to leave your dog at home for several hours...Here are some tips from keeping your dog entertained.

Do you feel guilty leaving your dog alone all day while you are at work? Don't feel bad you are NOT alone. In fact most dog owners, feel guilty leaving their BFF alone, while they go to work.

Looking for ways to entertain or keep your puppy calm and happy while you are at work.  We have scoured the internet and asked our customers some tips to leaving their pooch.

Try and keep your dog happy and engaged with either toys or tv! Put your dog to work!  Ok - too bad you cannot train it to cook dinner for you, but you can give them a problem or two to solve. There are lots of puzzle games for pooches out on the market - that are great for them to use their mind and figure out how to get a treat or two while you're hard at work! They even have cameras now that you can watch your pet, talk with them and even dispense treats!

You can also turn on the television and put on the Animal Planet or there is a DOGTV channel developed for your dog in mind to keep them entertained.

If your dog feels anxious when you are away and exhibits anxiety symptoms such as excessive licking, destroying furniture or clothes, nonstop barking or whining you may want to look into some natural remedies that can help sooth their separation anxiety.  Some products may be CBD/HEMP dog products, stress relief clothing (Thundershirt), Rescue Remedy for Dogs, pheromones plug in for dogs, playing relaxation music have been used to help sooth anxiety  and stress in dogs.   Of course consult with your vet prior to trying any supplements/natural remedies.

Another great option is to hired a dog walker or sitter to come be with your pet while you are at work.  They can walk, play or cuddle with your pooch while you are busy with your work schedule.  To find a walker or a sitter near you visit

Although we would love to hang with our furry friend all day long, unfortunately sometimes work can get in the way!  A great way to be sure your dog is comfortable all day long is to use one of our pee pads!

Leave a pee pad on the floor when you leave for work. Letting your pooch know that that area is "ok" for them to use if they cannot hold their pee or poo. Asking a dog to "hold it" for 8 hours is not an ideal situation especially as they age, it gets harder for them. The best thing to do is to leave a WizSmart pee pad on the floor. They will protect your floor, trap in odor and providing comfort to your pooch while you are working. 

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