Summer Heat Safety For Your Dog

Summer Heat Safety For Your Dog

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Summer is here and many of us are wanting to spend more time outside with our friends, family, and our dogs.

Knowing how to keep your dog protected from the heat and sun could prevent an emergency or even save their life! 
When your dog is outside in the heat, make sure they have an area such as:

  • A covered porch or ample shade from trees
  • You could even put up some beach umbrellas or hang a tarp, just as long as you give them an area out of the sun.
  • When outside make sure they have plenty of fresh, cold water to drink is essential!  

During a heat wave you will want to:

  • Avoid over-exercising your dog in extreme heat
  • Keep your eye out for the signs of heat exhaustion:
    • Heavy panting
    • Trouble breathing
    • Excessive drooling
    • Vomiting
    • Stumbling or even collapsing 

Summer, Cars and Dogs

  • Never leave a dog or any other pet alone in the car.
  • Even with the windows cracked the temperature in a car could get up to 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature in just a short time.  

Additional Tips For Navigating Hot Summer Days

On very hot summer days:

  • Keep walks to a minimum, or during the cooler parts of the day like morning and evening.
  • Your dog's paws will be sensitive to the hot pavement and can burn! Make sure to walk them in shady areas or on the grass.
  • You could even get your dog a pair of protective booties if you live in an area without enough shade.   


Important Tips For Helping Your Senior Dog During Summer

If you have a senior dog it is probably best to keep them inside as much as possible during a heat wave. It can be really helpful to have some dog pads around like WizSmart Ultra 8 cup All Day Dry Premium Dog Pads.

This way your dog can safely avoid the heat and go to the bathroom without any leaks or odors getting in your house. WizSmart pads are ultra-absorbent so you won't need to worry about any wet paw prints being tracked through the house!  
If you keep these tips in mind you and your pup are bound to have a SAFE and FUN summer!

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