Protecting your dog from icy weather

What can I do to keep my dog from falling or slipping in icy weather?

Icy weather and dogs

What can you do to help keep your dog from slipping or falling in the icy cold winter months?

Just like us a dog can slip or fall in icy conditions and snowy conditions.  Slipping or falling can cause damage to the paws, skin, joints, muscles, and bones. Depending on where and how they fall or slip, will depend on the severity of the injury. If you see that your dog falls or slips, keep an eye on them and make sure they are not favoring a side, limping, whining, or lethargic. If they are experiencing and pain or discomfort, calling your vet is the best course of action.
Walking in snow can also be challenging for your dog. Depending on how deep the snow is and how icy, this can damage paw pads, and can put strain on their legs and body attempting to walk through the snow.
A great way to avoid slip/falls during icy and snowy weather is to keep your dog off of structures and walkways that are slick or treacherous. Clear off walkways, stairs and even a portion of your backyard to allow your dog to safely go out with a fear of slipping, falling or hurting themselves walking in deep icy snow.
Utilizing a PET SAFE ONLY ice melter is also a great way to keep walkways and stairs safe for your dog.
Place a pee-pad down on a deck or walkway to avoid stairs. After cleaning the area lay a pee pad down to allow them to avoid icy conditions and avoiding the potential of slipping or falling.
Train your dog to use a pee-pad inside so when the weather is too harsh out, they have a dedicated space with a pee pad to allow them to relieve themselves. 
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