Why is my dog moving slower or limping in the winter?

Why is my dog moving slower or limping in the winter

Why is my dog moving slower or limping in the winter?

Just like us, cold weather can impact joints in dogs, especially older ones. You may see your dog walking a bit slower, or limping. Have trouble going up and going up or down the stairs. Overall you will see them acting "stiff". Cold weather can impact their joints just like it can impact yours.


No matter the weather, your dog needs exercise throughout the winter to keep his joints lubricated and moving. Keep it low-impact, take him on easy short walks multiple times a day-if weather allows.

If winter weather is an issue, walk with him around your home or find an indoor “doggie gym” near you. Or take them to a pet friendly place such as your local pet retailer

Exercise them - engage them to move more inside, whether it is playing with them or having them follow you around your dwelling. Movement is best to help combat stiffness. So if you or your dog is experiencing joint stiffness in the winter - move more together!