Independent Testing

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WizSmart Dog Pee Pads are independently tested.

We believe in independent testing. WizSmart pads have been tested for performance and quality of the highest standard by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. IPS Testing/SGS has vast experience in testing products made by leading multinational diaper brands.
We are happy to report that WizSmart pads outperform the brands we chose for testing, sometimes by a significant margin in terms of absorbent capacity (the ability to absorb liquids), acquisition rate (the time it takes to absorb a liquid), rewet (the pad’s ability to retain liquid) and wicking area (the absorption area, how much the liquid spreads out).

We also asked IPS to test the effectiveness and duration of our patented “4 Stay Put Tabs.” Against the few pads that actually have tabs or stickers, we outperformed on fixing power by a factor of 10.