Can a dog get frostbite

Does my dog have frostbite?

Can dogs get frostbite

Can dogs get frostbite?

Frostbite can happen when the temperature drops below 32 degrees and it is a wet environment. Having your dog get damp, wet from walking in the snow or freezing rain, can lead to potential frost bite.
Common Signs of Frostbite
  • Pale, gray or bluish discoloration of the affected area of skin
  • Area is cold to touch
  • Pain when you touch the body part(s) affected. (Moaning, or whining or a jerking motion)
  • Swelling of the affected area(s)
  • Skin ulcers or blisters
  • Blackened or Dead Skin
Their ears, tails, and paws are targets for frostbite. Keep an eye and if you feel that frost bite is setting in - get your dog to the vet IMMEDIATELY.


A great way to safeguard your pet from the dangers of frostbite is to keep your dog outside in short intervals. Do not walk them in actively wet freezing weather, such as sleet, freezing rain.  Also utilize protective gear, to keep your dog dry and safe, just has a hat, boots, and jacket.
Place a pee-pad down inside or right outside on deck or patio to allow them to go to the bathroom during extreme cold weather to avoid frost bite.
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