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wizsmart product features

Happiness is sharing a clean & healthy home with your best friend. 

More than 300 million pads sold and nearly 500,000 well-trained and confident pets living in comfortable indoor spaces add up to lots of happy dogs.

WizSmart Muddy Puppy

Smarter Training, Smarter Living, Smarter Traveling.


  • WizSmart is perfect for use in a house or apartment space because of its superior absorbency, no leaking and odor control qualities
  • Many people use WizSmart with great success when the weather isn’t cooperating and you just can’t get out as much as you’d like
  • Our pads may be of great help when someone is house-sitting your dog and you are not comfortable with them going out without your supervision


  • WizSmart pads may also come in handy during short or over-night stays when visiting family and friends during the holidays
  • WizSmart can be used when your dog is traveling with you, be it by car, air, RV etc


  • WizSmart is an excellent pad for puppy training thanks to the unique dog attractant and the Stay Put Tabs that make sure the pad stays in place.
  • They work great for those dogs that are still overcoming their fear of going outside


  • Our pads are a great help for unvaccinated puppies and dogs and during illness when your pet is confined to the indoors
  • It is a very reliable pad for older dogs with bladder control concerns and for sick and convalescent dogs
  • For the health and well-being of your dog and your convenience, it is always a good idea to provide your dog a WizSmart Dog Pad to relieve themselves when limited to the indoors for whatever period of time