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It all began with a simple fact: dog pads were not working and we wanted solutions.

Dog pads really didn’t absorb much. Frankly, they’re more like napkins than real dog pads. We found inspiration in the baby diaper market: why not make a pad that behaves like a high-end diaper? From that “aha!” moment was born our unique blend of materials—a mix of virgin fibers and material from unused, reclaimed baby-diapers that achieves superior absorption and fast drying. It helps the environment, too. Recently, we added Eucapet to our blend. Made from eucalyptus trees, Eucapet is grown by companies committed to Certified Responsible Forestry. That’s great because the renewal cycle for eucalyptus trees is around 6-7 years, which is much faster than trees normally used in fluff pulp manufacturing in the Northern Hemisphere (pine trees), meaning, it’s a more sustainable fiber.