WizSmart Product Comparisons


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See how WizSmart Super Absorbent Dog Pads by Petix is the ONLY CHOICE for your dog pad.

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* WizSmart dog pads are available in other sizes, including the WizSmart Super (holds up to 5 cups),  WizSmart Earth-Friendly (holds up to 8 cups),  and the WizSmart Ultra XL (holds up to 10 cups). The WizSmart Ultra was used for this independent testing. 

Our Methodology

The pad was tested against 18 US brands, and 3 were chosen for the comparison above. The column on the far right shows the average results for all 18 brands. Our Head of Testing, with more than 20 years of experience in the hygienic and consumer goods industries, conducted the tests in our on-site laboratory.

We asked pet parents what makes a good dog pad. Their answer: how much and how fast the pad absorbs. They looked at how the liquid spreads out (called the wicking area), if it leaks around the edges, how quickly it dries and if the pad gets wet underneath. Dogs don’t like to do their business on a wet or moist pad, which is why it’s important the pad dries completely for the next go around. Plus, once they’ve done their business, we don’t want liquids tracked on to floors. That’s why fast and (MORE) absorption is key!


The results speak for themselves. WizSmart pads absorb more than twice the average, twice as fast. And the wicking area is less than half the average size. This drives overall pad efficiency, the number of hours you can leave the pad down and, ultimately, your peace of mind!