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Our pets are our family, which is why we created a pee pad with superior performance.

 We are a family-owned company that began 11 years ago in Brazil. Like you, we’re pet parents who love our dogs but were frustrated by dog pads that did a lousy job absorbing liquids and leaked or smelled. It wasn’t just us, either. Customers of our pet store in Sao Paulo had the same complaints. This was our opportunity to do something better. Rather than settle, we built a better pad. A dog pad that really works. And works for everyone—from city dwellers, busy families who work long hours and breeders to puppy training or dogs confined to indoor spaces and older dogs with incontinence and more.


dog researching wizsmartThe Research

We dove into market research, innovative thinking about raw materials and the best way to manufacture—always with an eye on sustainability and social responsibility. We care not just about pets, but the world in which they play. Each year we repurpose more than 120 million unused baby diapers as raw material for our dog pads. To us, that’s much better than sending them to landfills. And it helps our pads absorb like nothing you’ve seen. 

Our Dog Pee Pads Solution

After years of listening, experimenting, testing and tweaking, and more than 300 million pads, we’re pretty sure we nailed it. But a 40% market share in Brazil and hundreds of thousands of well-trained and confident pets confirms it! Our unique formula and exclusive blend of materials come together for an all-in-one premium dog pad with superior absorption and quick drying for 24 hours and up to 8 cups. We also added features like “Stay Put Tabs” that ensure the pad stays in place. For boy dogs, placing the pad at a 90-degree angle covers both the wall and the floor.
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The Future

After launching WizSmart in the United States in 2017, it quickly became apparent that there was a greater need for premium dog pads. Given consumer demand and feedback on the original WizSmart product, we developed additional products in 2018 to better serve the community of pad using dogs and their owners. In November 2018, we launched the WizSmart Super, a lighter weight option to the original WizSmart Ultra, and the WizSmart Ultra XL, a pad 43% larger than its predecessor. Now with our expanded product line to accommodate additional dogs and their lifestyles, we look forward to keeping more dogs clean and comfortable, while keeping spaces cleaner!
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