Does my dog love me?

Does my dog love me?

Does my dog love me

Signs Your Dog Loves You

We all know how much our dogs mean to us!  But, sometimes you may wonder if your dog loves you just as much!  Well below are some signs that show you just how much your dog truly adores you!

They’re excited to see you. When you open the door from a long day at work or even just running out to grab the mail and your dog runs up to you giving you kisses, maybe jumping up on you, tail is wagging....well if they do this...they love you.

They want to sleep by you. Dogs run in packs naturally, so when your dog wants to sleep by or near you - it is because you are part of their pack! When your dog wants to sleep near, by or with you, it is a sign of trust. A sign they feel safe by your side. 

Your dog gives you presents (all the time). Does you dog bring you things throughout the day or evening, anything they can find whether it is a toy, a sock, or your shoe? When a dog brings you something, it is their way of giving you a gift or a bouquet of flowers!  It is a token of their love and affection. 
Licking you (aka kisses). Ok so let's talk about those wet, slobbering kisses or licks!  Dogs can lick you for many reasons, whether they are happy to see you, worried for you or just wanting to give you some affection.  If they lick you - this is their way of letting you know you are indeed LOVED.
Your dog wants to play with you. Does your dog bring you bring you their toys to play with them.  Sharing toys and wanting to play fetch or tug of war is another sign that your dog is absolutely smitten with you!
So the next time you are wondering whether your pooch is hopelessly devoted and in love with you? Just remember this list!  And know - you are indeed their one and only true love.
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