Keeping a Pet Friendly Home Clean With The Help of Dog Pads!

Keeping a Pet Friendly Home Clean With The Help of Dog Pads!

Keeping your house clean with dogs

Sharing a home with a dog can bring so much joy to one’s life, but let’s be honest, it can also add a lot of mess!

Here are some tips to keep your home fresh and clean without having to spend entire days scrubbing up the mess:

  • Keeping your pet clean will help keep your home clean! Bathe and groom your pet regularly to help control dirt and odors in the house. 
  • Set up an entry cleaning station for your dog to minimize the dirt from coming in. Putting down a dog pad by the door makes a great place for your dog to stand while you wipe their paws and dry them off. WizSmart pads have patented stay put tabs that easily adhere to your floor so you don’t have to worry about it shifting around or your dog ripping it up. Wipe their paws directly on the soft pad or keep some baby wipes on hand to clean off any dirt before they come in from digging and playing in the yard!  
  • Invest in a good quality vacuum! If you spend a few minutes a day vacuuming the areas they frequent, you can avoid tons of fur build up around the house. Brushing your dog outside regularly can help shed some of that excess fur. 
  • Make sure your dog’s bed is easily washable and regularly throw it in the wash to fight odors. A great tip is putting a dog pad in between the cover layer and the pillow layer of your dog bed! This way, if they are wet, drooling, or have an accident you can just wash the outer layer and don’t have to worry about the inside getting all funky!  
  • Use top quality dog pads like WizSmart All Day Dry Premium Dog pads to prevent accidents. If you have a puppy, senior dog, or just can’t make it home for as many walks as you’d like, WizSmart pads are super absorbent and won't leak or track wet paw prints around your house, saving you from more cleaning!  
  • Does your dog make a big mess around their water bowl? Set up a food and drink station by placing a tray with a dog pad on it below their dish. The pad will absorb any overflow or splash from the water, and you can easily roll it up and throw it out when it’s dirty! WizSmart pads are so absorptive they can hold a full 8 cups of water without leaking!  

Yes, our pads are made for your dog to be able to go potty indoors, but they can be used in so many other ways. 

Following these tips should help keep your home feeling comfortable for you, your family, and your pet. No home is ever really spotless, so don’t be too hard on yourself if there is some pet hair on your clothes or couch! Enjoying life with your dog is what matters the most!

WizSmart Pads make keeping your pet-friendly home clean and comfortable a breeze! These days many of us are being more conscious of what we are buying – you can feel good about using WizSmart Pads because they are Earth Friendly!  They are made from repurposed, unused baby diaper material, along with sustainable materials like Euca-Fluff!  

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