Spring is here! How to hike safely with your dog.

Spring is here! How to hike safely with your dog.

Keeping your dog safe while on a hike


As the weather warms up, you are probably finding yourself wanting to spend more time outside. Hiking is a great way to get exercise, fresh air, and vitamin D. It’s even better if you have your furry companion with you! However, there are a few steps you should take to prepare for any walk in the woods with your pup to ensure you are keeping them safe.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe During a Hike

 TIP #1

You will want to know where you are going, how long the hike is, and what the terrain is like so you can determine whether your dog can handle the length of the walk. Then take the weather into consideration. If it’s extremely hot out, you should avoid bringing your dog along for this one. Dogs don’t sweat, so they aren’t able to cool themselves off like humans and can risk overheating. Regardless of the weather, it’s important to bring plenty of fresh water
for your dog!

 TIP #2

Pack up a bag of some supplies you might need before you hit the trail. Pack some dog food & treats, water and a bowl, biodegradable poop bags (yes, you still need to clean up after your pet in the woods!), Dog booties for rocky terrain or hot pathways, and some first aid including dog safe bug spray. The woods and grassy fields are homes to insects like ticks – so don’t forget to apply any repellants and be prepared to do a tick check when you get home!

TIP #3

Keeping your dog on leash is the safest option for you, your dog, and anyone you encounter on the trail.  Respect the wildlife of whatever park or preserve you are at by staying on the trail. Even if your dog is trained to walk with you off leash, they might see an animal and take off. It’s easy for them to get injured in rough terrain so keeping them close by always is best for their safety.

Preparing for the hike doesn’t take long and allows you to have a stress-free adventure with your dog! Don’t forget the camera so you can capture some shots of your best friend enjoying nature!

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