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Earth Friendly Ultra Dog Pads (8 cups)

Earth Friendly Ultra Dog Pads (8 cups)

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Great for all dogs - Environmentally Friendly Dog Pee Pad

  • Pad Size: 23.5" x 22"
  • Holds 8+ cups of liquid! Sealed edges prevent leaks. Dries fast! NO MORE WET PAW TRACKING
  • Traps and eliminates smells. 
  • 4 patented “Stay Put Tabs” allow you to secure the pad to the floor or wall
  • DOES NOT contain fragrances or added chemicals. UNSCENTED. They contain a pet-safe attractant
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging & Materials include - upcycled, unused baby diapers that didn’t quite meet factory standards, sustainable bioplastic from sugar cane, & natural fibers like EucaFluff.

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Amazing product!! I’ve tried several different brands and none of them come close to these!!! They are a little more expensive but you never have to use more than one! The other brands I was having to use several to layer them. Would 100% recommend!


  • Dani

    These pads are great. Super absorbent and they have little sticky tabs in
    case you want to stick them to the floor or wall. (Some dogs like to
    lift a leg). 😁. Best part is they’re recycled diapers.

  • Annie Bell's Mom

    From a dog owner all my life, I can only say I wish I'd had these dog pads 8 dogs ago. Their absorbancy is the best I've seen and they don't leak through the blue liner for a very long time. Earns the 5 star rating.

  • Mary Lisa

    WizSmart is an unexpected 5 star product! My puppy chooses it over other pads. Definitely leak proof and can be used all day before changing. The cost is more than reasonable especially when you get so many pads in the package. Highly recommend!!

  • Laura White

    These are super thick and absorbent. I have 3 miniature pinschers, one of
    which is diabetic, so these are great for multi-dog households. On a side note, my diabetic dog thinks they are so soft that he made one into a nap mat! So would be great to place as a waterproof barrier under dogs who have issues with incontinence!