What to do when your senior dog starts having accidents?

What to do when your senior dog starts having accidents?

Senior Dog Peeing

If your senior dog is suddenly having accidents in the house, it can be surprising and concerning. Accidents are not a common occurrence in senior dogs. When you see changes in your dog’s stool or urine, if they are having issues holding it or having accidents regularly – then you need to take your dog to the vet immediately. As there are several conditions that can cause your dog to have incontinence – it can range from a UTI to more serious issues. For a full list of potential medical conditions, click here

As you begin work with your vet to try and uncover the cause of your dog’s incontinence a way to help you and your dog cope – is taking them out more frequently, as well as utilizing pee pads to help with the accidents.

If you haven’t used dog pads before, they are disposable square or rectangular sheets of absorptive material you can place on the floor in your home to protect it from dog urine and to give your dog a place they know is okay to go potty. WizSmart pads are made from super absorbent materials (they even have unused re-purposed baby diaper material in them) our Ultra pads can hold up to 8 Cups of liquid in one pad without leaking and are ideal for dogs 25lbs and under. Our XL pads can hold up to 10+ cups and are ideal if you dog is 26lbs or over.

WizSmart pads also have stay put tabs so you can secure them to the floor or wall with no damage. You will want to find a place in your home your dog easily access. Always put the pad in the same place so your dog knows exactly where it is.

A dog suffering from incontinence tends to have issues holding it overnight and will often wet themselves and their bedding. To help keep your dog clean and dry – leave our super soft pads on their bedding. They will protect the bedding and will keep your pup dry and clean thanks to the absorbent baby diaper material. It dries fast allowing your dog to stay dry all night long.

If your dog has never used potty pads before, click here to learn how to properly train your dog on the pad.

Another feature of the WizSmart pad that can help you cope with your dog’s incontinence are the stay put tabs. There are 4 tabs per pad and will stick to the floor to help the pads stay in place – as well as, provide a male dog solution by attaching it to a wall to allow for the male dog’s natural position to raise their leg to urinate.

Remember consistency is key as you deal with your pup’s incontinence. Always put the pad in the same place so they know exactly where it is, try and take them out more frequently and remember your dog feeds off your emotions. So, although it is a trying time and a scary one, remember that remaining calm and praising your dog are necessary to help you both get through this time.

By giving your dog an indoor potty solution, they no longer have to feel shame for not being able to hold their bladder.

To learn more about how WizSmart pee pads can help with incontinence click here: www.wizsmart.com
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